Thursday, September 30, 2004


The Surgeon General has determined:

Large words and ideas may cause existential indigestion, serious anxiety attacks as well as conceptual constipation if taken in too large of a dose. If a cognitive thought process returns, please call your doctor immediately!

First Aid: Watch as much "reality" television as you can. Chronic cases of awareness may require intensive talk show convulsive shock treatments. In some tragic, nearly terminal cases Dr. Phil therapy even failed to sedate the patient.

I don't want to get off on a rant, but...

Ok I was reading another blog on the legally forced changes to public life by connected pathologicly concerned social engineers who will suffer sleepless nights worrying about my safety. I hate anyone telling me what I can or can not do. I am an old fart and I can make my own decisions thank you very much...

Another sure sign that it is time to thin the herd and flush twice is the battle to legislate out of existence anything that is considered harmful by those who think sheep are too bold. The struggle may not be based on malice, but on good intentions of a dimwitted patronizing group of bureaucratic babysitters.

Life for Dummies: chapter 37 p. 352

Part of the problem is we find ourselves in the middle of swarming season for a dangerous life form that is far worse than locusts or cicadas. We are in a plague of a voracious predator. The lawyer is the larval stage of a politician. The adult of the species spins webs to trap food for the larva to live on until it matures until they can run for office.

Another part of the problem is a collective paradigm shift away from the cultural icon of the self reliant Hero to the helpless, hapless, blameless victim. Heros are out of fashion these days, it requires accepting too much responsibility for our own actions for most ethical invertebrates.

I think that is why many have devolved into a new species: Homo Springaroidus. Those who are created to screw up, and then either go on televsion, or to court to show off their level of stupidity. No wonder they try to child proof the world. But that's just My opinion, I may be wrong... I am off to beat My head against a wall if I can find that damn helmet they made me wear.

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