Monday, September 27, 2004

Howdy Campers! Welcome to The Reptile Ranch

I don't want to get off on a rant, but. . .

Listen Sparky Don't Get Me Started.

I seem to have developed a taste for the habit of spouting off about things that are bothering me. So I guess it was time for me to devote a page to storing all of my rants for other people to read and violently disagree with at their leisure.

You want objective? Hah! yeah, right! You want fair? sure you do... Well Spunky, if you are honestly looking for all those things, then you are definately in the wrong place!

Are You Confused Too Sparky?

Does the irony of the human condition just amuse you or send you out to spend all of your money on gallons of bottled water, shotgun shells and canned food?

Do you feel that Murphey was an optimist, and if he had grasped the true scale of the problem he would have been depressed? If you answered yes to both those questions all I have to say is get over yourself. But for the rest of you out there that have a functioning humor gland, welcome. Remember we are all in this mess together.

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