Friday, October 28, 2011

The Age of Miracles Has Not Passed

Caffeine You Can Breathe | Flyby | The Harvard Crimson

What? Seriously? If you are so tired you can't lift a coffee cup perhaps it's time for a nap Sparky! Previously I have posted about bacon air so the idea of people buying an inhaler that dispenses caffeine is not that much of a stretch. There seems to be a big need for every day consumables that wire you to the point you grind your teeth instead of getting off your ass and stop texting and going to sleep.

If everything predicted in science fiction came true, by now we'd all be riding around in our personal hovercrafts, vacationing on Mars, and taking a pill instead of eating three meals a day. Biomedical Engineering Professor David A. Edwards' new invention sounds like it's moving us one step closer ...

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