Friday, June 03, 2011

Lithuanian Men's Day Race Inflates Male Self Esteem

Men in Lithuania took to the water with sex dolls in a race to mark “National Men's Day”. The inflatable dolls were used as “rafts”, and made for a sight on the Neris river in the capital Vilnius. While “National Men's Day” is not officially recognized in Lithuania, organizer of the race, radio program director Mindaugas Stasiulis said an online survey showed that men in Lithuania felt the need to have a day dedicated to them.

“We did a survey on the internet and all voters said that they needed to celebrate such a day. Therefore, today a race between men swimming on inflatable dolls on the river, the 'Barracuda 2011' is to be held, and we will see who will be the fastest,” he said before the race started.

Only 20 men out of the 200 who registered to take part in the event, were chosen to take part in the 220 kilometer race. The mood of those who did not make the cut frustrated and their race partners were best describe as feeling seriously deflated.

Liudas Pestininkas was the first to cross the finish line, accompanied by his inflatable doll “Vaida”. When asked about his doll he stated: “Vaida was a very good girl, and only listens to me. She is cool. Other participants don't have dolls as cool as mine”.


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