Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bacon Air?!?!?

Wow the perfect gift for that baconholic in your life. I agree when they state "Everything should taste like bacon". However This may be a bridge too far.I can see a future of strung out bacon-huffers at freeway entrance ramps with signs reading "I'LL WORK FOR BACON!"


Three years ago, we made a much healthier bacon delivery mechanism called Bacon Salt. It’s a zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian, kosher and low sodium seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon –to many, it was Bacon 2.0.

Since then, our team of research scientists has been working hard on making the next leap to Bacon 3.0. We started with an intense brainstorming and ideation session with some of the foremost minds in science, technology, nutrition, sports, marketing and the arts. The questions during this all-day session were open-ended and thought-provoking, such as:

  1. How can we use bacon to help people lead healthier lives?
  2. Why is bacon so delicious?
  3. How can bacon be used to promote world peace?
  4. Can bacon be used as an alternative fuel source?
  5. What if bacon was lighter than air?

It was that last question that got the dialogue really going and led to another seemingly ridiculous question – what if bacon was air? After all, oxygen is the most important nutrient to the cells in your body, and plays an integral role in almost every bodily function. And bacon is the most delicious of meats.

Was combining these two elements possible or even advisable? Fortunately, the answer was yes on both counts. Studies have shown that inhaling pure oxygen can boost energy, fight disease, increase mental focus, enhance sexual and/or sports performance, and increase mental alertness as well as save lives. After all, you can live for weeks without food or days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen.


  1. Mmmmmmm I love bacon!!!

  2. Bacon is the food of the Gods. It is the only meat that you can wrap around other meat making it taste better. I would make and wear a bacon robe; However I think I would end up eating it. Not that horrific turkey bacon. Real, yummy, swine bacon.

  3. pig, swine, rolled in mud, smoked bacon, preferably with the rind still attached!!!