Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Weird Science

Patently Silly :: Apparatus for Determining Dog's Emotions By Vocal Analysis of Barking Sounds and Method for the Same

Ok! I can see this person never owned by a dog. If he had owned one, Albert would know most dogs have little trouble laying their tawdry emotional baggage on you. Who needs a machine to know a dog is hungry... Dogs are always hungry, deal with it. That's their job, dogs eat all the food that lands near them and lick their crotch until they fall asleep on the sofa. I know most people would call that a full and happy life...

Who knows this could be the start of a horrifying wave of Stepford Hounds. Maybe the next step is turning the barks and growls iinto english so the world is safe for cheap bodice-ripper novels. It's a dog's life any way you look at it.

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