Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Great TP Crisis of 2005

Oddly Enough News Article | Reuters.com

Once upon a time in Finland, a little bunny was hopping through the snow. The young rabbit was romping merrily and not paying attention. Suddenly he crashed into a Polarbear hunkered down over a log.

The little fellow was so shocked to see the fierce bear there in front of him that he froze with fright. He did not know what to do or say.

The bear looked at the bunny and said in a deep low voice that shook the branches. "Do not be afraid little fellow. I want to ask you a question and then you may be on your way. Tell me little rabbit. Does shit stick to your fur?"

The little fellow burst into a grin and his eyes grew wide with delight as he answers the bear. "No, kind and wise old bear. I have personally never had to deal with that problem."

"Good! then this should not bother you." chortled the bear as he wiped his ass with the rabbit before wandering off happily humming a tune.

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