Friday, October 08, 2004

Weird URLs

Some Sites From the Curio Shop

  • Not Fooling Anybody: Home

    A chronicle of bad storefront conversions.

    The penultimate source for what you need to stop worrying about culture going down the toilet and embrace urban sprawl. I was amazed to find several examples from where I live.

  • The AOLer Translator

    Translate English into12-year-old AOLerese.

    English is becoming a dead language online. The slovenly usage of u, r, y as words shows the downward spiral into gobbledegoop. Now there is help for those who want to type to the less spelling sensetive younger generation.

  • Aliens and UFO's

    Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness! nuff said...

    Pernicious trans-dimensional alien demons are here and they are pissed. They have invaded Earth on a campain of terror and destruction. Beware! These critters are lusting after your eternal soul! ET phone home... TO HELL!

  • Bird Diapers Bird Leashes and Harneses!

    New! Duck, Goose and Chicken Diapers Too!

    Now there is help for those long-suffering legions of incontinent avians around the world. Better modern living through technology. And who said the age of miracles has passed us by?

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